Personalize your order

Monogram font size is 1/4″ tall (6.35mm)

Details on the Monogram Options Available:
  • Font Size:  approximately ¼ inch tall font.  (approximately 7mm)
  • Up to 8 characters maximum length per monogram.
  • One monogram per leather item.
  • Monograms are stamped in a left to right direction (horizontal).
  • Monograms are applied to the outside of the leather hide (not the flesh side).
  • Monogramming is available for new orders at the time of purchase.

Available Characters, Numbers, and Symbols:


 I J K L M N O P

 Q R S T U V W


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

. ’ , @ & / ! – # :


StrideRidge Personalization

StrideRidge is happy to offer laser engraving and debossed personalization
• 1. The debossed monogram letters or symbols are pressed into the surface of the leather
• 2. Laser engraving is burnt into the surface of the leather

Our laser engraving is durable and beautiful.  It will enhance and personalize your StrideRidge purchase and make it unique and so very special.

Here is what we offer.

  • Character Limit:  8 on larger items and 3 characters for smaller items.  
  • Font used:  Chapaza
  • We offer laser engraving of letters numbers, symbols, and punctuation.  Each product listing offer’s its own variations of personalization.
  • Engraving location:
    • Front cover bottom right corner (when viewing the item in portrait position)

Important information about laser engraving:

StrideRidge Reserves the right to restrict engraving in the following situations:

  1. Inappropriate use of language
  2. profanity, insults, racism, sexism or other derogatory content.
  3. Use of copyrighted logos or trademarks

Please double check your spelling before submitting your desired engraving.  What you provide StrideRidge for your engraving is engraved. 

StrideRidge requires that engraving characters, phrase, logos, or imaged requested are not copyrighted or that you own or have a license for it.

All personalized / monogramed items are final sale.

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